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Skinny Teen Alyssa and Ryan...

Alyssa gets deep creampied

by her boyfriend Ryan. She's skinny and only 18 years old! They kiss and you can tell they really love eachother, enough so to make a baby together. They show off their bodies and then begin kissing and laying down together in the missionary position. They gently go deeper and deeper until Ryan reaches the back of her pussy (the end of the cervix) so he knows that's where the baby is made.

He throbs for her in and out gently, opening her pussy wider and wider while she creams wet pussy all over him. You can also see that her pussy opens and becomes more wet as she gets aroused, as if welcoming him into her. Her pussy starts out tiny and tight, but she wants him inside so her pussy opens up on its own and gives him a warm and gentle place to throb larger and larger until shes impregnated. They do a lot of hugging to. Her arms are around him his arms are around her, as if just holding eachother is all that matters. Notice the genuine happiness in her expression, her face blushed red and shes moaning with love. Ryan of course loves her very much and wants to have many babies with her, so he gradually throbs in deep and fills her pussy with a huge load of creamy white cum.

Its seriously deep in there, when they were done you couldn't see any cum because it was so deep. After a few minutes of sitting upright and playing with her pussy you could see the huge creampie drip out (though a lot of cum is still inside). At the end of the video they are laying there together in a state of joy, and you can see the cum shine on her perfect teen pussy. This is one of the few videos that actually resulted in a real pregnancy, no joke. Will have to post pregnancy pictures and video as her tummy grows.

Edith's little teen pussy filled with cum!

teen porn
Edith and Kyle make some amateur teen porn. They have been having sex together since the last video and doing a lot of 'practice' off camera so its no surprise that she wanted a dripping creampie from his thick cock. The connection between them is really strong and you can tell they enjoy each other greatly, they will have cute baby after he impregnates her!

Kaydence and Kyle make babies, he really fills her up! she comes too

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Kaydence is a tiny little teen who is picky about her boys, but Kyle was just her type and she was begging him to fill her pussy with thick creamy cum. Kyle was way to big for her tiny little clit so it took a while just to get inside of her! Her hot pussy was pretty wet though so Kyle managed to squeeze in, at least partially. He makes her cum and then shoots a thick white creampie inside her pussy, she will probably get pregnant but she likes Kyle so much that neither of them mind =)

Teen sweetheart Veda and Ryan make sweet love, they both cum!
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Veda and Ryan get lost in each other, the sex was really beautiful and she came on top of him. They kissed and embraced each other lovingly, there was a lot of romance between the two. He fills her beautiful body with a thick white cumload, she will surely get pregnant but Ryan loves her so much that he doesn't mind at all. Together they made amateur HD porn =)

18 year old Edith Has several orgasms and is filled deep with sperm...
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Petite teen Edith was kind of shy, but she went crazy riding Kyles thick cock. She came twice and was so happy, she really loves sex. She was moaning and squirming on top of Kyle, barely taking half of his 10" penis. The kept kissing long after the both came, and even after the camera stopped rolling!

Emily Saint and Alexa Von Tess loving eachother, very cute!

emily saint
Alexa Von Tess and Emily do a bit of female bonding and bring each other to orgasm. With passionate kisses and of course nice toys they show that girls can have fun just being girls. Female orgasms are a beautiful thing, Alexa said "I have to think about a guy I like and touch myself, then I'll cum" Cute!

Teen cutie Veda gets a thick creampie from huge cock

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Veda spends a romantic evening with Kyle. She teases his penis, rides him and makes love doggy style too. She starts by giving him a lap-dance then things get sexual. After kyle creams inside her beautiful body she stands up and more cum drips minutes later! =)


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